Full Circle Treatment


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Waste no Waste

Treat – Recover – Reuse

Sustainable sludge treatment processes yield products that have marketable value in the local market. Revenue potential from recovered recourses and products give corporations incentive to invest in sludge treatment projects.

Circular economies can be formed.

Methods and technologies for treating waste water and the captured sludge are available. Sewage sludge, kitchen waste, animal manure and other organic sludges can be treated separately or in various combinations through anaerobic digestion and closed loop thermal pyrolysis producing valuable and marketable byproducts.

Many plants in cities around the World combine sludge and organic wastes from households and commercial establishments to generate substantial quantities of biogas.

Careful selection of value chain projects and technologies can successfully achieve GHG pollutant reduction, resource recovery of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosporus, vastly reduced carbon emissions, production of Compressed Natural Gas, production of biochar for fertilizer and replanting, and generation of renewable energy.

Our Goal:  Treat – Recover – Reuse  =  Waste no Waste


Mining without digging

Developing a circular economy model for sustainable sludge treatment, recovery and reuse of resources require involvement from both public and private sectors to ensures the availability of financing during the initial investment phase.

Research is showing that nutrients such as phosphorus are available in surplus in many areas, if recovered and prepared for reused, potentially avoiding mining and long haul transportation of nutrients.

Compact and emission free – driven by convenience

Innovative development and integration of technology and process integration becomes available developed for application in inner city spaces and indoor confined spaces. Compact and emission free treatment systems capable of processing solid and liquid organic waste from a number of sources generated by city life becomes available. Areas and spaces previously occupied by parked vehicles and moving traffic becomes available for implementation of new technology compatible with new human habits and requirements.

Decentralized fully sustainable solutions based on renewable energy, and recovery and reuse of resources will come soon;  Compact and emission free  –  driven by convenience.

Our Goal  –  A common challenge