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WAI Environmental Solutions AS works with customers to provides treatment technology and sustainable solutions for wastewater and sludge treatment.

Based in Norway we focus on small to medium size waste streams and integration of advanced and compact technologies and systems. We work with customers to determine the size and choice of technologies and processes that are most applicable in any given situation.

Many chemical industries have wastewater treatment processes that produce big quantities of organic sludge. Handling of these often hazardous sludges is expensive, storage facilities are limited and the treatment does not always comply with the requirements of the local communities and governments. We offer a range of Pyrolysis treatment systems that vastly reduces the amount of waste to deposit and limit the environmental and financial burden in the various industry.

Abandoned contaminated industrial sites can be cleaned up in our patented two-step indirect heated Pyrolysis system. With us you can choose your system and Size your choice, from a pilot system to full size plant according to your specific requirements.